Making the Most of Your EDC Keychains

If there is one EDC item you absolutely must have with you every time you step out your door, it’s your keys. If you don’t have your keys, chances are you aren’t going to get very far. Even if you are new to the EDC concept, you’re probably already in the habit of carrying a set of keys.

Because everyone carries their keys with them everywhere they go, it’s a good idea to maximize their utility. So, go ahead and ditch the gaudy souvenir key chains and swap them out for something more useful. It’s time to make your keys the foundation of your EDC load-out.

Gerber Blades Shard Keychain Tool

This keychain-sized multi tool features a pry bar, 2 flat head screwdrivers, a wire stripper, a bottle opener, and a cross driver. Just add a split ring, attach it to your keys, and you can have it handy at all times…You know? In case you need to pull nails, pry open windows, hot wire a car, and then chug a beer. (I promise this goes beyond petty larceny. It’s just all in a day’s work when the SHTF. )

The Gerber Shard Multi Tool is small, strong, and corrosion resistant. And even though it’s made of stainless steel with a titanium nitride coating, it is considered airline safe. (Shhh…Don’t tell the terrorists.) That’s saying something considering you can’t even get nail clippers past those TSA agents.

ThruNite Ti3 XP-G2 R5 LED Flashlight

You shouldn’t totally rely on the flashlight app on your smartphone to work when the lights go out. Always carry a back-up plan, like this compact, waterproof flashlight from ThruNite. Solidly built, this torch features a body made from aircraft grade aluminum with a type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish.

It has several light output modes – including firefly, low, high, and strobe (to signal for help or create an instant party atmosphere. You decide.) – and the LED has a 20+ year lifespan. It fits easily on a standard keychain, where you can always have it handy for useful things like finding that last M&M that rolled under your desk.

Bomber B-2 Nano Blade

Add the Bomber B-2 Nano Blade and you have the EDC trifecta (blade, multi-tool, flashlight) right on your keys. Although it is promoted as the world’s smallest tactical pocket knife, don’t be fooled by its tiny size. This blade still has the ability to whittle wood, slice a steak, or fight off bad guys in dark alleys.

Is it the best tool for the job? Absolutely not.

Is it better than nothing? Absolutely.

The best selling point is that you can attach it to your keys, meaning you’ll always have a blade with you when you leave the house.

inCharge Charging Keychain Cable

The underlying philosophy of EDC is to be prepared for any situation. This rings true even when smashing zombies isn’t on the day’s to-do list. When the Grid is still up and functioning, you might as well pug in.

With this 1.5-inch charger, you’ll never have to worry about your phone’s battery calling it quits in the middle of the day. There are no wires to tangle either, because this thing fits right on your keys and magnetic ends hold the cord in place until you need it.

Thoroughly universal, the inCharge Charging Keychain cleverly unifies Lightning, MicroUSB, and a USB-C adapter, allowing you to charge all iPhones, Androids, and other portable devices.

True-Utility Stainless Steel Pen Keychain

There are few things more frustrating than needing a pen and not being able to find one. The True-Utility Stainless Steel Pen Keychain solves the problem. With this durable (and admittedly snazzy) telescoping pen, you’ll always have a pen handy.

Many EDC pens are designed to be short and convenient, yet are nearly impossible to write with. Simply signing your name with one of those things is enough to trigger chronic carpal tunnel. This one is tiny and convenient when closed (measuring a diminutive 2.4 inches), yet extends to a longer, more comfortable four inches when open so your writing is legible and your joints don’t lock up.

True Utility FireStash Lighter

Plenty of folks keep a lighter in their pocket as part of their EDC gear. However, this compact, convenient fire starter caters to our minimalist sensibilities. It weighs less than 3 ounces and is really not much bigger than some of those ginormous pills sadistic young doctors like to prescribe.

The waterproof capsule pops open to reveal a tiny, yet fully functional lighter. It runs on regular lighter fluid and, with some good dry tinder, does a damn fine job of starting a campfire.

Summing it Up

Any of these keychains will help you take your EDC gameto the next level, but they are also pretty effective at doing what keychains are supposed to do – hold your keys.

Whether you need to shed some extra light, jot down an important note, open a box, charge your phone, or open a bottle, these handy dandy EDC keychains are perfect for the job.

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