How to Reduce Lead Exposure When Shooting

Lead is a harmful substance that can have devastating effects. Whether you shoot once a year, once a month, or every day, reducing your lead exposure is important for long-term health. Here are some basic facts about lead exposure every shooter should know, plus some easy ways to minimize your exposure and keep you safe and healthy.

Tips for Managing Recoil

For some shooters, recoil is a scary thing. If not managed properly, it can seriously affect your shooting experience and your accuracy. Thankfully, there are some easy things you can do to keep recoil (and your response to it) under control.

EDC Basics for Women

This guide goes beyond the standard purse cargo of hair ties and hand sanitizer to cover what you need for self-defense as well as unexpected disasters

12 Most Innovative Firearm (and Accessory) Manufacturers

Firearms and accessories manufacturers are in a constant race to stay ahead of the herd. This is good news for shooters, because it means firearms, optics, and ammunition are constantly evolving and improving. We’ve compiled this list of what we consider the 12 most innovative firearms (and accessories) manufacturers in the world. Honestly, with so much cool new technology emerging in the industry each day, it was hard to keep the list to only 12.

Hygiene Basics for Backwoods Campers

If you are camping or hiking backwoods trails, “clean” is a relative term. Without the comforts of home (like hot water, electricity, and your favorite hair dryer), you need to compromise on your usual level of hygiene. However, you don’t need to throw basic rules of cleanliness completely out the window while you're on the... Continue Reading →

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