14 Uncommon Uses for the Common Coffee Filter

The Common Coffee Filter is most commonly used to brew coffee. However, these lightweight, inexpensive are surprisingly versatile. Since multipurpose items can save the Modern Survival Junkie time, space, and money, this is definitely an item you want in your survival kit, bug out bag, or pantry stockpile, even if you aren’t a coffee drinker.

There are probably a million lists on the internet with hundreds of creative uses for coffee filters. These lists include superfluous ideas like making attractive arrangements of paper peonies and stylish pleated skirts for Barbie dolls. We know that the Modern Survival Junkie appreciates practicality, so we’ve cut through the useless flack to focus on these sensible, yet uncommon uses for the common coffee filter.

  1. Disposable plates or bowls – Disposable plates and bowls take up significant space. Space is a precious commodity in a camp pack or bug out bag. A coffee filter held in your hands makes a convenient bowl for dry goods like trail mix or cereal. A coffee filter also makes the perfect liner for a regular plate or bowl. Even when eating moist prepared foods, a coffee filter will keep the plate or bowl clean enough for the next meal. No dish washing necessary.
  2. Replace bulky paper towels – Coffee filters take up less space than a roll of paper towels. Plus, they are super absorbent and lint-free.
  3. Absorb grease – Use a coffee filter to soak up excess grease from your prepared foods.
  4. Start a fire – After absorbing grease, use your grease-soaked coffee filter to kickstart your campfire.
  5. Pre-filter water – If your collected water is full of sediment, dirt, or debris, you can filter out larger particles with a coffee filter before processing it by boiling or using a toxin-eliminating water filter.
  6. Toilet paper – In a pinch, a coffee filter can be used in place of toilet paper. Just don’t flush. Unlike toilet paper, coffee filters can clog your pipes and back up your septic system.
  7. Protect cast iron cookware from rusting – Line your cast iron pots and pans with a few coffee filters. They will soak up any excess moisture and protect your well-seasoned cookware from bothersome rust spots.
  8. Storage bags – Fill with small hardware like screws, bolts, or tacks, or to store food like nuts or edible plants. Just cinch with string or paracord to make a handy storage bundle.
  9. Make a tea bag – Bundle up fresh or dried herbs and steep in hot water to make herbal tea.
  10. Sprout seeds – Whether you’re trying to get a jumpstart on your garden or are sprouting seeds for a tasty and nutritious addition to fresh salad, a coffee filter can help. Simply dampen the coffee filter, place seeds inside, and wait until they sprout. Sprouted seeds can be eaten or transferred to your garden.
  11. Seed storage – A dry coffee filter is perfect for storing seeds until planting season. Coffee filters are absorbent and work to absorb moisture protecting your seeds from mold or early sprouting.
  12. Food wrapper – Coffee filters can protect food. Since you won’t always have access to food storage containers, plastic wrap, or aluminum foil, a coffee filter can make a useful food wrapper.
  13. Strain soup stock – After boiling up bones or food scraps, use a coffee filter to strain the contents. Cooking fluid can be used again to make a rich, nutrient-rich broth or stew base for another meal.
  14. Stop bleeding – For minor cuts or scrapes, place a coffee filter on the wound and apply pressure. Even though coffee filters can be handy in a pinch, they shouldn’t replace a well-stocked first aid kit.

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