Five Tactical Flashlights for Everyday Use

Unless you’re sleeping or… ahem… ‘sleeping’, being in the dark sucks. However, being in the dark and being unable to find the key you just dropped or unable to identify the shadow you saw duck into a dark alley really sucks. Don’t let it happen to you.

In the last few days, I’ve used my pocket tactical flashlight to check for a leak under the kitchen sink, find a lost shoe under the couch, locate an object that fell under my desk (onto black carpet), and adjust the upstairs thermostat without turning on the hall light. I literally use the thing multiple times a day, which is why it’s always in my pocket when I need it.

A good tactical flashlight has additional uses, however. For example, the serrated bezel turns a flashlight into a striking weapon in close quarters combat (CQC). A strobe feature can add another layer of distraction in a confrontation. Adding filters can serve purposes such as covert navigation (red), hunting (green), or tracking a blood trail (blue or yellow).

I prefer a light that has more than 300 lumens. It’s sufficiently bright to temporarily blind an attacker or light up a considerable area. I also carry compact, since the light does me no good if I can’t comfortably carry it in a pocket.

It’s also a good idea to have more than one of these lights. Every person in the family should have one. So should every vehicle.

Here are five tactical flashlight options for you to consider. Any one of them will fit the bill for lighting up the dark or disorienting the would-be attacker.


Klarus XT11GT LED Compact Tactical Rechargeable Flashlight

Here it is. The ultimate tactical flashlight. This thing comes with so many bells and whistles that listing them here would take up a whole page. The big deal on this light is the 2000 lumen max output that it provides. You get six lighting modes, including strobe and SOS, three operating settings, a notched bezel, pocket clip, rechargeable battery with wall mount or USB, lanyard, and a belt holster. *whew* Did I mention the 5-year warranty that guarantees your light will stick with you through all sorts of events? Yep. It’s there. All of that fits in a compact 5.6″ aluminum alloy body. The Klarus is the total package, hands down.

J5 Tactical V1-Pro Flashlight

 The J5 Tactical flashlight is the newer model of the one I carry on an everyday basis. The 300 lumen LED bulb casts a beam up to 600 feet. The variable lighting modes give users a high, low, and strobe beam that can be useful in a number of tactical and survival situations. The solid pocket clip makes the light easily accessible while keeping it comfortably portable. The light is inexpensive by itself, but buyers can save a little more per light by buying a three pack.


J5 Hyper V Tactical Flashlight

The Hyper V is the big brother of the V1-Pro. It’s light, compact, and has the same features as the V1-Pro while sporting a couple of nice perks. First is the 400-lumen beam, that can be stunningly bright in dark conditions – especially when shone in someone’s face. The Hyper V also has a zoom feature, which allows users to narrow the beam for pinpoint lighting at a distance. It’s a few bucks more than it’s little brother, but the extras are worth the money.


CVLIFE LED Tactical Flashlight

So much good to say about this light! The 800 lumens this light can produce are enough to stun would-be attackers or light up an entire room. Battery life is never a problem since the package comes with an 18650 rechargeable battery and charging base. The strong aluminum alloy construction makes it ideal for outdoor use. It’s waterproof design is perfect for rainy situations or for accidental drops in watery areas. It boasts five modes, including strobe and SOS.


Zotoyi Mini LED Torch

 You want brightness under any circumstances? Then this is your lamp. The Zotoyi boasts up to 1000 lumens while sporting a compact 5.12″ aluminum frame. It’s shock resistant and water resistant, making it the perfect camping and hiking tool. The notched bezel makes it an ideal improvised striking tool. With five lighting modes and a rechargeable battery pack,  it’s never going to leave you stranded. The metal clip will hold the light firmly in your pocket or in the molle of your BOB.


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