Tools That Do Everything – The Top 5 Multi-Tools

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Your survival tool is possibly the most versatile and useful tools in your arsenal. Your survival tool is a knife, saw, can opener, bottle opener, hole punch, threader, and pliers all in one. With a little creativity, the jobs you can complete with this all-in-one item are almost endless.

However, anyone who has tried shopping for these tools finds that the number of options available in the marketplace makes selecting just one tool almost impossible. Not to worry! Your Survival Junkies have done all the heavy lifting and narrowed down the field to the top five multi-tools to complement your on-the-go needs.

The thing about multi-tools is that one is never enough. It makes total sense to have one in each of your cars, as part of your everyday carry, and in each of your bug-out-bags. For that reason, we have located tools that provide not only a great working product but also won’t break the bank.

So let’s get down to business and look at the top five multi-tools for your survival needs.

gerber multi-plierGerber Suspension Multi-Plier [22-01471]

This fantastic unit is 22 tools in one compact package. When open, the tool is 6” in length. It can be folded down to 4” and comes with a nylon carry pouch that can be worn on the belt or attached to the MOLLE straps on your BoB. To avoid dropping the tool while in use, there is a lanyard hole forged into the handle.

The tool provides two separate knife blades – one straight and one serrated. A separate saw blade is available for cutting small branches. Everything is sharp and comes with the assurance of Gerber quality. This tool is well worth the investment.

leatherman revLeatherman – Rev Multi-Tool

Leatherman quality meets versatility in this tool. There are 14 tools available with the Rev, giving the user access to all of the major multi-tool needs. The unit is compact (just 3.8” closed), and can be carried in a separately-purchased nylon carry pouch or clipped to your pocket with the removable pocket clip attachment. The straight-edged knife is accessible when the tool is closed, and the blade locks in place to assure safe and reliable use.

One of the best things about this tool is that Leatherman guarantees its craftsmanship for 25 years. When a company stands beside its product for the long haul, you know it is built to last.

touchshop multiTouchshop 12-in-1 Multi Tool

Versatility meets affordability in this multi-tool. Users have access to 12 commonly needed tools including a straight-bladed knife, pliers, fish scaler, and multiple screwdrivers. The tool is 4” in length when closed and comes with a convenient nylon carry pouch.

The blades are constructed of 420 stainless steel, assuring that the tool will withstand the elements of outdoor use. This unit is affordably priced, making the purchase of multiple tools much easier on the wallet.

SOG multiSOG PowerAssist Multi-Tool S66N-CP

SOG quality is high quality, and that is most definitely true with this multi-tool. Users of this 16-in-one tool get a wide variety of uses with built-in enhancements. The plier tool is designed with Compound Leverage, effectively doubling its gripping power. Users have have access to two blades – one fully serrated and the other straight.

This tool comes with a limited lifetime warranty, thus ensuring its functionality for years to come. This multi-tool is a bit pricier than the others listed here, but the quality you get is well worth the investment.

SOG credit cardSOG Credit Card Companion

I want to put this tool on the list for the sheer individuality it offers. Rather than providing the usual pliers and screwdrivers, users get a compass, tweezers and embedded punch knife (among others). This tool is compact at just 1.8 ounces and crafted of durable ABS plastic. It carries like a credit card and takes up as much space.

Consider this tool a complement to others and not a replacement for them.

Hopefully this list will help you navigate the jungle of multi-tool offerings you’ll find in the marketplace. As usual, be safe.

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