What is Modern Survival Junkie?



of or relating to present and recent time; not ancient or remote

The topics discussed here at MSJ are relevant right now. Topics may include traditional skills, bushcraft, and homesteading, but only in how they are relevant in the times we currently live in, not with a sense of romantic nostalgia.



the act or fact of surviving, especially under adverse or unusual circumstances.

But surviving from what? How about these:

  • A home invasion.
  • Mass shooting or other mass casualty event
  • Carjacking
  • Kidnapping
  • Economic collapse
  • Naturally occurring plague or pandemic (We’re rooting for the Zombie Apocalypse)
  • Power grid failure
  • Foreign or domestic nuclear, biological, or chemical attack
  • Fuel or food crisis
  • Natural disaster (Think hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires)
  • Social or political collapse
  • Martial law
  • Global war
  • Catastrophic climate change
  • Foreign invasion

We here at MSJ also love the outdoors, so you’ll see us address basic bushcraft and outdoor survival…because you never know when a camping or hunting trip might go south.


or junk·y

noun Informal.

a person with a compulsive habit or obsessive dependency on something.

We are kind of obsessive about keeping our family safe. No matter what it takes.

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